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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We use the Water Fed Pole (WFP) system with Pure Water. The Pole allows us to reach most windows without the use of a ladder making work safer. Pure Water is continuously supplied to the brush at the end of the pole which draws dirt away from the Windows. Once the Windows have been washed they are sprayed down with Pure Water which, once evaporated, leaves a spot free finish on the glass.

The WFP system is recognised by the British Window Cleaning Academy as a safe and effective method and leaves an excellent finish as we also clean the frames, sills and doors on every visit.

Leaded Windows aren't a problem to clean but please let us know if you have any loose lead (if you are aware). If we spot any loose lead we will let you know.

Wooden frames can be cleaned and will have the best results if they are in prime condition.

We clean Windows well and have many happy customers who can confirm this, however, we firmly believe in also providing excellent customer service and great communication. We'll always stay in contact with you and let you know when we'll be there to clean your property. If anything changes we'll let you know.

Yes. To serve all our customers regularly we clean when it's raining as the Pure Water system allows us to do so. Rain water isn't as pure as the water we use to clean the Windows but is far more pure than tap water and won't leave spots or marks after our clean.

Nothing but access. We bring all the power and Pure Water we need to get the job done. The only thing we need is full access to your property. This is why we always let you know when we'll be with you to clean so you can leave gates or doors unlocked or unbolted if necessary. Some customers also provide us with keys or codes so we can access the whole property when they aren't in.

Yes. We have Public Liabilty Insurance to the value of £1,000,000.

We recommend a Monthly Clean for all Windows for the best results and this is the service that the majority of our customers use.

We can also provide a Bi-Monthly Clean but the difference in how dirty the Windows get is noticeable. If you choose to have your Windows Cleaned every 2 Months you can change to a Monthly service at any time.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Any work that requires access through the inside of a property has been suspended.

We recommend that you access the latest information from the GOV.UK website (https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus)

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